Women’s Leather Gauntlet Glove

Women’s Leather Gauntlet Glove


These Women’s Leather Gauntlet Glove protected and waterproof gloves are designed to keep your hands hotter when it’s cold and drier when it’s soothing.

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Product Description

Innovation meets absolute solace. These Women’s Leather Gauntlet Glove protected and waterproof gloves are designed to keep your hands hotter when it’s cold and drier when it’s soothing. Also the clatter limiting palm and thumb are covered by a scraped spot safe shell. Go past these gloves to be all-climate prepared through and through with our compatible Passage Adventure and Grit Adventure Modular Helmets, Jackets, and Pants.

Features about Women’s Leather Gauntlet Glove

• Stay Cool: Ventilation openings in the hard-shell knuckle guarantee sufficient wind current for open to cooling.

• Fit and Mobility: Exterior crease sewing wipes out pressure focuses and gives the affectability each rider requests. The wrist and sleeve change gives a safe and exact fit.

• Ride Enhancing Features: The protected and waterproof Passage experience gloves are prepared for all-climate activity because of Hydrate waterproofing and hold innovation that will ensure hands stay hotter when it’s cold and drier when you sweat. Progressed inclusion is given by a honeycomb design of TPU, bested by an aluminum high-sway safeguard. The palm and thumb are covered by a scraped spot safe TPU hard shell slider.


Q1: How to Select Size And Fitting?
Firstly, We required Size And fitting(Gent’s Or Ladies) information from you. As well You can give us this special instructions during selection of regular size of Or Using “Contact US” form.

Q2: Do you deal with Wholesale or retailers?
Yes, We do. If you are wholesaler or retailers please contact us. in addition We do 100% Custom motorcycle suit to fulfill your requirement
Q3: Do you deal with custom made / customizations?
Yes, We do. We’ve specialized team who looks after the custom mad items separately. Moreover, We can do you sponsors logos and changes.

Q4: Custom Labeling ?
yes we do also do custom labeling.

Q5: My Question is not listed here. What to do now?
Additionally If you have any question Please send us a message by using “Contact US” from. Moreover, You can also make us call on our USA customer support number and WhatsApp.

FAQ Product Delivery

Q1: What is the delivery time?
We will ship your item within 9-12 business days.
Q2: Why the delivery time is 10-15 business days?
All fitting need work starting from pattering and resizing logos according to the measurements. Therefore the shipping time is 10-15 business days.
Q3: Do you offer Worldwide delivery?
Yes. 100% Worldwide delivery guaranteed within 5-10 days as per region. Free UK delivery.
Q4: I am international Customer. Do i have to pay the Custom Taxes Or duties?
No, We ship to our local agents to ship you locally to save your custom duty in particular areas where we don’t have agent we do best to make your duties as much lowest as possible.
Q5: What Courier Service you are using to deliver the items?
Obviously We will deliver through door to door services like DHL, FedEx, UPS, DPD UK and DPEX.

Above all are the Common FAQ’s for more details please contact us.

Refund & Returns:

  • Buyer will pay the returning charges, in case of company’s mistake we’ll cover all charges.
  • if you are not satisfy by the product,  Return it and undoubtedly we will refund your all amount. In conclusion, no question ask money back guarantee.
  • However, If your product has some defect, take photo of that section and send to us. Hold that product to you until your next arrived at your door step.
  • Return & refund policy do not apply when you have been given wrong size or custom size.
  • International Customers: If you are not at home or Courier Company couldn’t get hold on your contact number for 3 days then you might have to pay $50.00 or get your returned suit or 50% refund.

Please let us know if you might have any question related to Women’s Leather Gauntlet Glove to choice right size for you, discuss new design Or any idea to share with us. for instance you can easily reach to us via WhatsApp or local number and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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